Senatorial Candidates

Halalan 2013

Samson Alcantara

Basic Profile:

  •  Fullname:       Samson Savella Alcantara
  • Nickname:       Sammy
  • Birthdate:        May 14, 1935
  • Profession:      Lawyer / Law Professor
  • Place of Birth: Bengued, Abra
  • Current Residence: Ermita, City of Manila
  • Marital Status: Widower
  • Political Party: Social Justice Society (SJS)

Current Position in Government: None

Positions Previously held in Government: None

Relatives in Government or Politics: None


  • Abra High School in 1951 (Valedictorian)
  • MLQU (Bachelor of Laws, 1957)


  • Social Justice Society – National President (2001-2010)

Bills Passed / Awards Received:

  • 3rd place in 1957 bar exam

Author of the following law books:

  • Philippine Labor and Social Legislation Annotated (2 volumes)
  • Reviewer in Labor and Social Legislation (`1 volume)
  • Statutes (1 volume)
  • Founding Chairman & President of ABAKADA-GURO Party-list
  • Outstanding Abrenian Award in 2005
  • Achiever’s Award, MLQU in 2007
  • Outstanding Alumnus Award, MLQU School of Law in 2009

Platforms and Advocacies:

  •  Abolition of political dynasties
  • Adoption of social justice laws and fine-tuning of existing ones
  • Quality Education
  • Increase Employement Opportunities
  • Development of Social Values
  • Protection of public officers against discriminatory practices
  • Fair and speedy administration of justice
  • Development of natural resources
  • Elimination of oppressive impositions and environment-related hazards
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs

Stand on Issues: 

  • Reproductive Health Law: AGAINST
  • Sin Tax Law: FOR
  • Cyber Crime Law: AGAINST
  • Freedom of Information Law: FOR
  • Anti-Political Dynasty Law: FOR
  • Divorce: AGAINST
  • Death Penalty: AGAINST
  • Same-sex Marriage: AGAINST
  • Total Gun Ban: AGAINST
  • Pork Barrel System: FOR

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