Senatorial Candidates

Halalan 2013

JV Ejercito

Basic Profile:

  • Fullname:        Joseph Victor Gomez Ejercito
  • Nickname:       Estrada JV
  • Birthdate:        December 26, 1969
  • Profession:      Congressman / Public Servant
  • Place of Birth: City of Manila
  • Current Residence: Little Baguio, San Juan City
  • Marital Status: Married to Maria Hyacinth Barbara Lotuaco
  • Political Party: United Nationalist Alliance

Current Position in Government:
Representative, San Juan City (15th Congress, 2010-present)
Chairman, Committee of Metro Manila Development
Vice Chairman, Committees on Labor and Employment, Local Government

Positions previously held in Government: Mayor, San Juan (2001-2010)

Relatives in Government or Politics:
Former President Joseph Estrada (father; also running for mayor in Manila)
San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez (mother; running for reelection)
Senator Jinggoy Estrada (half-brother)


  • Xavier School – Elementary (1973) and High school (1987)
  • Philippine Marine Corps – Rank of Major (1988)
  • De La Salle University – BA Political Science (1991)


  • Kabataan ng Masang Pilipino (KAMPIL), National Chairman (1998)
  • Junior Chamber of the Philippines, National President (1998)
  • Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino, Party Member (2001 -2013)
  • United nationalist Alliance, Coalition Member (2012-2013)

Bills Passed / Awards Received:

  • The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Awardee for Government Service
  • Most Outstanding National President for Asia and the Pacific of the JCI
  • Exemplary Leadership Award by the Metro Area Jaycees
  • Presidential Award for Leadership Excellence (Outstanding NEW)
  • Metro Area Jaycee Leadership Excellence Award
  • Metro East Region Distinguished Service Award
  • Metro East Region Leadership Award

Platforms and Advocacies:

  • “Ginhawa Para sa Masa, Aksyon ng Pagkakaisa.”
  • Kalidad na Edukasyong Makabago at Akma sa Kumpetensiya ng Bagong Siglo
  • Trabaho para sa Ginhawa ng Pamilya at Komunidad
  • Tamang Batas para sa Pag-alaga sa Karapatan at Kaginhawaan ng Manggagawa
  • Prioridad at Pondo para sa Mindanao

Action on Education:

  • Ensure Access of the Filipino Youth to Quality Higher Education By Developing Regional Educational Hubs
  • Sustain Drive For Annual Increase in SUCs Budgets
  • Work for Legislation that Invests in the Development of the Filipino Youth for Leadership and Nation- Building
  • Monitor K+12 Implementation with End-In-View of Identifying Improvement Areas and Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Filipino School Children

Action on Job Creation:

  • Work for Appropriate Mechanisms in the Educational System to Attune Course Offerings to Job Market Needs
  • Boost Tourism Growth by Encouraging Investments Through Innovative Incentive Packages.
  • Strengthen Legislation to Support the Investment and Growth of the Agriculture Sector

Action on Worker’s Protection

  • Strengthen Prtoective Measures for OFWs in Relevant Legislation, Particularly in Setting A Cap For Placement Fees.
  • Mandate Measures that Ensure Quality Working Environment in BPO Companies.
  • Work for the Full Implementation of the Kasambahay Bill.

Action on Mindanao:

  • Work for Legislative Reforms That Ensure Development Resources and Government Priorities Are Allocated and Implemented for Mindanao.

Stand on Issues:

  • Reproductive Health Law: AGAINST
  • Sin Tax Law: AGAINST
  • Cyber Crime Law: FOR
  • Freedom of Information Law: FOR
  • Anti-Political Dynasty Law: NO STAND
  • Divorce: NO STAND
  • Death Penalty: NO STAND
  • Same-sex Marriage: AGAINST
  • Total Gun Ban: NO STAND
  • Pork Barrel System: NOT AVAILABLE

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