Senatorial Candidates

Halalan 2013

Sonny Trillanes

Basic Profile:

  • Full Name: Antonio Fuentes Trillanes IV
  • Nickname: Sonny
  • Birthdate: 1971-Aug-6
  • Profession: senator
  • Place of Birth: City of Manila
  • Place of Voter Registration: Barangay 169, Kalookan City
  • Current Residence: Barangay 169, Kalookan City
  • Marital Status: Married to Arlene Orejana Trillanes
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Political Party: Nacionalista Party

Current Position in Government: Senator

Positions previously held in Government:

Navy Lieutenant Senior Grade
Procurement officer, Naval Training and Education Command of Philippine Navy
He is known for leading the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny. He won a seat in Senate despite       his being detained for the said protest.

Relatives in Government or Politics: None


  • Siena College- Elementary (1983)
  • Angelicum School- Highschool (1987)
  • De La Salle University- BS ECE (STOPPED IN 1991)
  • Philippine Military Academy- BS Naval Systems Engineering (1995)
  • University of the Philippines,Diliman- Master in Public Administration major in Public Policy and Program Management(2005)


Nacionalista Party(2012 – 2013), Party member

Bills Passed:

  • Conferment of Civil Service Eligibility (sponsor)
  • Geology Profession Act of 2011 (sponsor)
  • Release of Retirement Pay within 30 Days after Retirement (sponsor)
  • Clerical or Typographical Error and Change of First Name and Nickname (co-author)
  • Data Privacy Act of 2011 (co-author)
  • Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2009 (co-author)
  • Magna Carta for Disabled Persons (co-author)
  • Philippine Respiratory Therapy Act of 2009 (co-author)
  • Philippine Psychology Act of 2009 (co-author)
  • Philippine Coast Guard Law of 2009 (co-author)
  • Military Service Board (co-author)
  • Philippine Disaster Risk Management Act of 2009 (co-author)
  • Education Requirements for Promotion in the Philippine National Police (co-author)
  • National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 (co-author)
  • Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (co-author)
  • Archipelagic Baselines Law of the Philippines (co-author)
  • Tourism Act of 2008 (co-sponsor)
  • University of the Philippines Charter of 2007 (co-author)
  • Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008 (co-author)

Platforms and Advocacies:
Previously a Senator for the Genuine Opposition, he now represents Team PNoy. He has shown support for a repeal of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and the Sin tax reform law. Alongside this agenda is a stance against Divorce, reinstatement of the death penalty, same-sex marriage and implementation of a total gun ban.

Stands on Issues:

  • Reproductive Health Law: AGAINST
  • Sin Tax Law: FOR
  • Cyber Crime Law: FOR
  • Freedom of Information Law: FOR
  • Anti-Political Dynasty Law: NO STAND
  • Divorce: AGAINST
  • Death Penalty: AGAINST
  • Same-sex Marriage: AGAINST
  • Total Gun Ban: AGAINST
  • Pork Barrel System: FOR

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