Senatorial Candidates

Halalan 2013

Jun Magsaysay

Basic Profile:

  • Full Name: Ramon Banzon Magsaysay Jr.
  • Nickname: Jun Magsaysay
  • Birthdate: 1938-Jun-5
  • Profession: businessman
  • Place of Birth: City of Manila
  • Place of Voter Registration: Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Current Residence: Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Marital Status: Married to Marie Louise Kahn
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Political Party: Liberal Party

Current Position in Government: None

Positions previously held in Government:
Senator (1995-2001, 2001-2007)
Representative, lone district of Zambales (1966-1969)

Relatives in Government or Politics:
Zambales 1st District Representative Mitos Magsaysay (wife of nephew, also running for senator under UNA)
He is the son of the late President Ramon Magsaysay Sr.
His nephew and Mitos’ husband, Jesus Vicente Magsaysay, is former Zambales governor, as well as his uncle Vicente.


  • De La Salle College (now De La Salle University)- Elementary (1952)
  • De La Salle College (now De La Salle University)- Highschool (1956)
  • De La Salle College (now De La Salle University)- Mechanical Engineering (1961)
  • Harvard School of Business- Master’s in Business Administration (1963)
  • New York University- Master’s in Business Administration (1964)


  • Way US Peace Corps Welfareville Project(1962 – 1962)
  • Chairman, National Youth Committee for UNICEF Group Leader
  • New York World’s Fair(1963 – 1964), Assistant to the Commissioner
  • Liberal Party(1965 – 1969), Party member
  • Alay sa Kawal & Ramon Magsaysay Society(1969 – 2013)
  • Reserve officer, Commander, Philippine Navy Trustee
  • De La Salle College Alumni Board(1973 – 1974), Member
  • People’s Reform Party(1992 – 1992), Party member
  • Lakas CMD(1995 – 2005), Party member
  • Rotary Club of the Philippines(2000 – 2013), Honorary member
  • San Beda College – Alabang(2007 – 2013), Member, Board of trustees
  • MFI Foundation,formerly Meralco Foundation(2007 – 2013), Member, Board of trustees
  • University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center(2008 – 2013), Member, Board of trustees
  • Liberal Party(2012 – 2013), Party member

Platforms and Advocacies:

Justice, Opportunities, Security and Business are the cornerstones of Magsaysay’s 2013 agenda. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. is promoting such agendas such as transparency and accountability in all forms of work, ensuring people know their rights and freedoms, provision of health, opportunity, education and safety to the citizens. He also advocates business prosperity, wishing to ensure the long term economic future of the country and provide more chances for business to boom in the country.

Stand on Issues:

  • Reproductive Health Law: FOR
  • Sin Tax Law: FOR
  • Cyber Crime Law: FOR
  • Freedom of Information Law: FOR
  • Anti-Political Dynasty Law: FOR
  • Divorce: AGAINST
  • Death Penalty: FOR
  • Same-sex Marriage: AGAINST
  • Total Gun Ban: FOR
  • Pork Barrel System: ANTI

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